Tips : Where does the ice come from??

Where does the ice come from??

What causes ice to block inside the reefer container???
1) Water left from cleaning the container
2) Moisture from opening the container doors – If outside is humid ie during rain, this will make the situation worst

3) Blocked container drainage pipes
4) Moisture from Cargo – some fruits still ‘breath’ after harvest

Reefer Container are designed such that cool air is supplied to the bottom along the T-floor, from the front to the rear of the container. The air will raise and return to the front of the container.

It is recommended that the reefer container is turned off before opening the doors to prevent warm moist air ‘sucked’ in to the container and reefer machine. Condensation may occur on the interior surface of the container as well as the evaporator coil. Moisture on the evaporator coil can turn to ice blocking air flow.

What is T-floor?

T-floor is made from Aluminum designed to allow cool air flow long the bottom of the container.

if there is any debris inside the T-floor or ice blocks, cool air supply to the cargo could be blocked.


1. Keep T-Floor cleaned from debris and ice formations. If possible regularly clean the container interior.
2. Ensure drains are free from blockage.
3. Turn off the container before opening the doors. Install curtain to help with heat transfer.

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