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     ThaiRefer Group Support the project Kaokonlakao

     Thai Reserve Co., Ltd. group has supported the project. “Step by step” by traveling route on November 8, 2017. You will receive drinking water from Wat Noi – PT pump – PT. Singha Nakhon – Dee Luang temple in-house technician commission and at Home Adapting to the convenience of the user this time is a confirmation of the readiness of the staff to help the flood victims this time.

Project origin “Kaokonlakao”

   In 2016, Thai people across the country joined together to help a medium sized hospital in Bang Saphan District. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Which lacks the necessary medical equipment in the project “Step by step for Bangsaphan Hospital” by Toon Body Slam, which is funded by long-distance running, starting from Bangkok, ending at Bangsaphan Hospital Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Total distance is 400 kilometers, and can raise funds from Thai people across the country up to 85 million baht and inspire Thai people to exercise by running until hits are flowing across the country.

     But the public health problem of Thailand does not stop at Bangsaphan Hospital only. There are many hospitals that are in trouble and need help. In order to increase the potential of treating patients sufficiently to meet the needs of every day The voice calls for help, therefore, sent to Toon Body Slam and the team “step by step” uninterrupted.

     “The new step” has come up with a longer distance and the number of hospitals that will make more donations. In the project name “Step by step for 11 hospitals across the country” Betong-Mae Sai 2,191 kilometers

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