STEELBRO Container SideLifter SB450

STEELBRO container handling solutions

Designed for :

Tough working environments where superior strength is important
Heavy duty use and heavy lifting requirements
Quicker, more efficient lifting of containers
Safe and ease of operation by less experienced users

Capability :

45,000 kg. lifting capacity
3.90 metre outreach
11.8 tonne tare weight*
Handles single 40′ containers
Handles single 20′ containers
Safely handles two close coupled 20′ containers
Able to double stack 20′ and 40′ hi-cube (9’6″) containers
Able to transfer containers from trailer to trailer, trailer to rail wagon, and rail wagon to trailer

* Subject to specifications

Proven dependable technology

Robust construction, easy maintenance, operator friendly.

Minimise risk of damage to valuable plant or equipment in tight operational situations

Proportional control system allows operator to plance the stabiliser and ther container with precision.

Safe and controlled handling and speedy operation

Dual speed proportional control allows the SB450 to safely handle empty containers at fast speed or fully laden containers to be handled at low speed for maximum safety. Globally supported proportional control valves are chosen for their superb handling characteristics. Independent joysticks control each crane and allow loads to be kept level. Awkward and misaligned container positions are easily handled. For added safety, all STEELBRO Sidelifters have specially selected safety check valves mounted directly to the cylinders. Expensive infrastructure such as loading docks, large forklifts or loading cranes are not required. The SB450 Sidelifter is a highly versatile method of handling and transporting containers.

LOWLINE cranes

Rapid transfer and operating times An outreach of 3.9 metres allows transfers to and from flatbed rail wagons and companion vehicles making transitions quick, easy and efficient.

Wear and tear of crane is minimised when in the LOWLINE position offering the best service intervals, maintenance, running costs and resale value.

Superior fuel economy

Clean, quiet and efficient Kubota diesel engine.

Maximise yard space

by double stacking – stacking of two hi-cube (9’6”) containers is easily achieved.
SteelBro SideLifter SB450
SteelBro SideLifter SB450

Operational flexibility

The SB450 is a flexible unit for many applications e.g. Including the safe handling of wo close coupled containers.
SteelBro SideLifter SB450

Stable and accurate foot positioning

Variable tilt and extend stabiliser legs enable accurate foot positioning, underneath or on the deck of companion vehicles and rail wagons. Stabilisers can be steeply positioned for ‘drive-by’ transfers or placed on the deck of the companion vehicle. The generous sized foot provides low ground pressure.