To keep your tail lifts operational and your employees safe, high-quality tail lift parts and accessories are essential. ThaiReefer’s technicians are experienced in the installation and maintenance of trailer. We guarantee high quality and craftsmanship to meet the your requirements. ThaiReefer offer tail lifts for trailer with 2,000kg lifting capacity. Our tail lift are designed and manufactured to meet the challenges of the harsh local conditions and terrain.

Tail lift, also known as liftgate, is an equipment that is mostly installed on the back of a truck, making easy loading and unloading goods to and from your truck to the ground. The use of a tail lift eliminates the need for a forklift to safety load and unload your cargo.

Tail Lift Technician Data
Style No. : TR-20-1
Max Lifting : 2,000 kg.
Lifting height : Container floor level
Powerpack : 24V / 2.5 KW.
Cylinder : 2 pcs of lifting cylinder
                  2 pcs of tilting cylinder
Platform Size : 2,100 mm. (W) x 2,000 mm. (H)


Tail Lift
Tail Lift

Power pack

Tail Lift
Tail Lift

Remote Control

Tail Lift
Tail lift