Cargo Handling – Stuffing of Refrigerated Cargo

Cargo Handling – Stuffing of Refrigerated Cargo

reefer container air flow

Recommendations for Stuffing of Refrigerated Cargo:

  • Load/unload the container with the shortest amount of time possible so that the ambient temperature does not affect the container and the cargo.
  • Ensure packages are stowed with adequate spacing in between for good and uninterrupted airflow.
  • Cargo should be packed minimum 100mm from the rear door to prevent short cycle of airflow preventing air returning to the reefer machinery.
  • Cargo should never be stored above the red load line within the reefer container; otherwise it will impede the airflow.
  • Do not leave large spaces where cargo could collapse during transit
  • The total cargo weight should not exceed the maximum payload within the container.
  • The total gross weight (including container tare weight) should not exceed the road limitation in any transit points during the transportation journey.
  • It is strongly recommended not to mix load different types of commodity under same load. Some of these cargos (mainly chilled fruits) have its own required temperature and carrying condition (air exchange). E.g. Produce with high ethylene content can cause rapid deterioration to highly sensitive cargo like grapes, plums, nectarine, etc.

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