SteelBro BS362 Standard model

SB362 (36 Tonne lifting capacity)

STEELBRO SideLifters / SideLoader – Self Loading Trailers

STEELBRO strive to offer the world’s best valued sidelifter self-loading trailers.

SteelBro SB362 Standard

The STEELBRO SideLifter offers versatile and cost effective container transport and handling. Our self-loading trailers are ideal for placing shipping containers with precision anywhere a truck can access, then loading or unloading the container on the ground.

The standard version of the SB362 (36 Tonne lifting capacity), is designed and built with durability in mind. Its robust construction suits extreme working conditions and is a suitable choice when extra payload is not required. For higher lifting capacity, SteelBro offers SB450 model with 45 Tonne SWL.

Designed for faster, safer and more flexible container handling, STEELBRO SideLifter Trailers offer productivity gains. Reduce your transport costs, increase your profits and gain a competitive advantage.

STEELBRO SideLifter trailers increase your capacity to move more containers quickly and safely. The innovative container side loaders help improve efficiencies, saving time and increasing productivity.

Minimal equipment and operators required

The trailer driver can unload the container in minutes on his own, lifting on/off 20ft and 40ft containers using only STEELBRO SideLifter. There is no need for additional equipment or personnel, such as crane, saving on additional costs. In addition, SideLifters can operate under factory roof safety requiring only 8meters.

Only the container (and not the trailer) is left with the customer

Many customers require trailer is left with the customer. With a Sidelifter this can be eliminated by lifting off/on the container then the SideLifter can move on to the next job. There is just one piece of equipment to manage and maintain, reducing your operating costs.

SteelBro 36 Tonne Lifting Capacity

SteelBro 4.05m outreach enables easy handling of awkward or misaligned containers

SteelBro Power Pack Kubota diesel engine quiet and efficient

SteelBro Reduce costs and increase profits

SteelBro Robust design and reliability using high strength steels with superior fatigue toughness

SteelBro Proportional control system allows operator to place stabiliser and container with precision

SteelBro Optimised for Thai conditon and regulations (DOSH and JP J)


Crane Model SB362
Max Lift Capacity 36 Tonne
Max Outreach 4,050 mm. (from centre-line)
Side of Lift Left hand lift
Stabilisers Tilt & Extend (Foot size : 700 x 200)
Lifting Chains 16 mm. Grade 120 RUD ICE
Container Detection Proximity sensor and lights (front crane)
Work Lamps Fitted to each stabiliser leg 12V
Hydraulics Danfoss PVG32 proportional valve
Crane Paint Traffic White (RAL 9016)
Container Position Ramshift 20′, 2 x 20′, 40′
Control System Analogue
Remote Control Cable remote
Control Cabinet Steel, lockable
Toolbox Steel 915 mm. (Sliding lid). Painted Grey.
Container Joiners To lift 2 x 20′ ISO containers simultaneously
Source Kubota V2403-M Diesel
Spec 36 kW (48HP) at 2,700 rpm.
Voltage 12 V.
Emissions Tier 4 / Stage IIIA emissions
Pump Tandem Pump
Mounting Centre mount
Tank Tank Oil / Diessel (side of lift)
SteelBro SB362 Standard
Chassis Model Heavy Duty Rigid Chassia (40′)
Rubplate Height (RPH) 1,300 mm.
Overall Height (OAH) 4,179 mm. (ISO 8’6″ container)
Kingpin Standard 2″ (Bolted, dual position)
Landing Legs Dual speed, wind up
Landing Leg Handle Left hand side
Suspension 2 x Mechanical, 1 x Air
Axles 22.5 10/335 Drum Brake
Axle 1 Rigid
Axle 2 Rigid
Axle 3 Lift (Air)
Wheels Steel, 8.25 x 22.5 (Dual)
Tyres 11R 22.5
Brake System Air operated service brakes
Brake Coupling Glad-Hands
Lighting 24V Incandescent Lighting
Electrical Couping Socket 7-pin “N” type (ISO 1185)
Mudguard Plastic, Black
Mud Flaps 2x Singles
Chassis Paint Silver Grey (RAL 7001)
Tare Weight 11,700 kg ±3% (Subject to final specification)
Specifications Subject to change
SteelBro SB362 Standard