STEELBRO Container SideLifter SB362 with 2 Bridge Legs

STEELBRO container handling solutions

The Bridge Leg is an optional stabiliser for the SB362 sidelifter model.
Choose the sidelifter leg configuration to suit your operation.
SteelBro SideLifter

Capability :

with two bridge legs
Handles 20′ and 40′ containers
Safely handles two close coupled 20′ containers
Able to double stack 20′ and 40′ containers
Able to transfer a single 20′ container from a companion trailer that is carrying two closely spaced 20′ containers
Able to offer intermodal rail capability working in rail hubs loading and unloading rail wagons for 20′ containers
When the sidelifter is already fully loaded with a container, it can lift another container off the ground, safely hold it suspended above the ground, while a companion trailer is backed up ready to accept the container
Bridge Leg can be safely deployed in a kneeling configuration onto a companion deck using sensors positioned to ensure stability-allowing a safe lift. This allows unit to operate in tight situations where space is limited
Extremely High

SteelBro SideLifter

Not all bridge leg
sidelifters are born equal

STEELBRO competitive advantages

Maximise yard space
Two hi-cube containers are easily double stacked with both bridge leg configurations.

SteelBro SideLifter

Move more containers quickly and efficiently
The STEELBRO Bridge Leg safely deploys quicker than other units on the market resulting in faster turnaround times.
SteelBro SideLifter

SteelBro SideLifter

 Transfers of single 20′ containers
From a companion trailer carrying two closely spaced containers are possible using the STEELBRO bridge/tilt and extend combination.

Operates safely in tight situations where space is limited. The Bridge Leg can be safely deployed in a kneeling configuration onto a companion deck using sensors positioned to ensure stability and allow a safe lift.

SteelBro SideLifter

Proven Dependability
The STEELBRO sidelifter has a robust construction and reliable design.

SteelBro SideLifter

Delivers supreme stability
The tow bridge legoption has been specially engineered to offer supreme stability during the lifting process. This option allows for rapid transfers from trailer to traiiler effective in improving operational times. A massive outreach of over 4.6 metres allows speedy transfers to and from companion vehicles and rail wagons.


SteelBro Container Sidelifter SB362 Model