Sadao Inland Container Depot

Sadao Depot

Sadao Inland Container Depot (ICD) – Connecting Thailand’s Southern Regions To The World via Penang Port

     ThaiReefer and Petikemas are introducing Inland Container Depot (ICD) in Sadao. The depot reduce Thailand-Malaysia border crossing time for cargo operators and trucking companies. Better container facilities is able to support Just-in-Time container positioning to demands. Pre-clearance arrangement are provided at Sadao-Bukit Kayu Hitam border and Penang Port for shorter transit time. As a result, Sadao ICD provides better cost savings and more efficient cross-border operations.

ISO Tank
iso tank
iso tank

Sadao Inland Container Depot FACILITIES

  • Yard Space: 35,000 Square Meters Yard Condition: 25 cm. concrete reinforce
  • Yard Stacking Condition: 5 empty container height
  • Repair Area: 2,000 Square Meters
  • Washing Area: 2,000 Square Meters
  • Office Area: 800 Sqm
  • Reefer Power Connection: 10 Stations
  • Handling Equipment: Side stackers 5 height – 1 units, Forklift 3 tons – 1 unit, Reach Stacker 5 height – 1unit
  • Trucking Facility: 5-set Hino Prime Movers/ 40’ Skeletal type Chassis Trailers
  • Reporting Tools: EDI, ADSL
  • Security : 24 hours In-house guard, CCTV

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Sadao ICD Solution