Proposed India-Myanmar-Thailand Highway

Proposed India-Myanmar-Thailand Highway

Route from Thailand to India.

india - myanmar - thailand highway

     The route from Mae Sot to Morehore, India. It starts at Mae Sot district through Yangon, City Mandalay(Myanmar) and ends in Morehore, India totals distance 3,200 km takes about 11 hours.

Economic zone.

india - myanmar - thailand highway

1. North-South Economic Corridor (NSEC), it consists of 3 main routes total distance 1,800 km
a. Route R3E or R3A which connects between southern of China, Laos and Thailand. This route is starting at Kunming to Bohan, Boten, LuangNamtha and HuaySai, Laos.
b. Route R3W or R3B is starting at Kunming to Tachileik, Myanmar.
c. Route R5 is starting at Nanning in Guangxi Zhuang to Hanoi and HaiPhong Port of Vietnam.

2. East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) or R2 or R9 (Called R9 when in Laos). This route has only one main route no alternate path. It is a cross between two oceans which are Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. The distance of 1,450 km linking 4 countries: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Logistics routes to the Europe.

europe - asian logistic

Route EWEC
1.Danang – Mae Sot City distance 1,453 km.
2.Mae Sot City – Yangon(Myanmar) distance 438 km.
3.Mae Sot City – New Delhi (India) distance 3,617 km.
4.Mae Sot City – Pakistan distance 5,137 km.
5.Mae Sot City – Iran distance 6,830 km.
6.Mae Sot City – Europe distance 10,000 km.
Route R3A
1.Bangkok – Mae Sot City distance 500 km.
2.Mae Sot City – Kunming distance 1,776 km.
3.Mae Sot City – Malaysia distance 1,970 km.
4.Mae Sot City – Singapore distance 2,309 km.

Tak special economic development zone.

india - myanmar - thailand highway

     ACMECS (Aeyawadee-Chaopraya-Mekong Economic Coorperation) is the cooperation between the 5 countries – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It is a strategic cooperation between Thailand and neighboring countries. This will contribute to promoting Thailand’s economic center. Being the main HUB of the sub-region, it depends on the acceptance of neighboring countries to take Thailand’s route or allow Thais to take a route in neighboring countries. This is a combination of economic and political, especially the economic partnership to gain benefits from Thailand as the regional transportation hub.

     BIMSTEC ( Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation ) or Free trade, member BIMSTEC consists of 7 countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is one of the key mechanisms to strengthen trade relations between Thailand and South Asia. BIMSTEC is a big market with a population over 1,500 million, it has the potential to be a source of Thai export, the variety of quality and product price. In addition, Thailand will be able to expand its ties with other countries in South Asia, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan to connect South Asia and ASEAN together.