How to defrost

How to defrost


When hot humid air enters the reefer container, moisture condenses on the cold cooling coil and turns to ice that causes the temperature not reach set point


  • 1. Product has high moisture
  • 2. Opening – closing the container door too often
  • 3. There is no defrosting after closing the container door.
  • 4. Running reefer container while the doors are open.


  • 1. Temperature of product should reach the desired temperature before loading
  • 2. Running empty reefer container to reach the temperature set point before loading.
  • 3. After loading, should not open/close container door frequently because the hot humid outside will enter the reefer.
  • 4. Should defrost the container after loading to remove moisture inside the container
  • 5. Should adjust the level of container to prevent the accumulating ice by having the machine side to be higher than the door side.
  • 6. Should clean container frequently to avoid airflow blocked

Cleaning Procedure

1. Open the cold cooling coil cover lid by removing all bolts.


2. Check Air vent under the coil if the ice accumulated.


3. Check the bottom airflow plate if the ice accumulated and see the easy way to clean out.


4. Cleaning both cooling coil and airflow plate by using water to spraying on the ice and melting it off completely.


5. Make sure all the ice has already melted then close the cover and airflow plate back to its position.
6. Make sure inside the container is cleaned, nothing block airflow.