Nozzle Holder Assembly and Glow Plug – Kubota V2203

1. Remove the overflow pipe assembly (3)
2. Remove the nozzle holder assemblies (4) using a 21mm. deep socket wrench
3. Remove the copper gasket and heat seal (5)
4. Remove the glow plugs (2)

(When reassembling)

– Replace the copper gasket and heat seal

(1) Lead
(2) Glow Plug
(3) Overflow ipe Assembly
(4) Nozzle Holder Assembly
(5) Heat Seal


Nozzle Heat Seal Service Removal Procedure – Kubota V2203

IMPORTANT : Use a philips head screw driver (1) that has a diameter which is bigger than the heat seal hole (Approx. 6mm (1/4in.))

1. Drive screw driver (1) lightly into the heat seal hole
2. Turn screw driver three or four times each way
3. While turning the screw driver, slowly pull the heat seal (4) our together with the injection nozzle gasket (3)
4. If the heal seal drops, repeat the above procedure.

(When reassembling)
– Heat seal and injection nozzle gasket must be changed when the injection nozzle is removed for cleaning or for service.

(1) Philips head screw driver
(2) Injection Nozzle
(3) Injection Nozzle Gasket
(4) Heat Seal


Rocker Arm and Push Rod – Kubota V2203

1. Remove the rocker arm bracket screws
2. Detach the rocker arm assembly (1)
3. Remove the push rods (2)

(When reassembling)
– When putting the push rods (2) onto the tappets (3), check to see if their ends are properly engaged with the grooves.

IMPORTANT : After installing the rocker arm, be sure to adjust the valve clearace
(1) Rocker Arm Assembly (2) Push Rod (3) Tappet


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