Dry Container

ThaiReefer offers suitable container for all types of cargo including general cargo.

The ‘dry’ or ‘general purpose’ containers we supply meet all ISO/International requirements as well as the latest safety regulations. We work with international shipping lines and apply the same inspection procedures which guarantees the container quality.

Cargo-Worthy Condition: The container is structurally safe, watertight with locking gears functioning, CSC plate, owner logo and container numbers in proper locations on the container, no transferable contamination and any damage is within acceptable limits.

IICL Condition: The container condition must be meet tolerance set in the IICL standard (www.iicl.org).

We also offer innovative transport solutions using Container SideLifter truck.


Internal Dimension

10′ Container2.63 m.2.35 m.2.39 m.
20′ Container5.89 m.2.35 m.2.39 m.
40′ Container12.03 m.2.35 m.2.70 m.
45′ Container13.55 m.2.41 m.2.70 m.


MeasureTare Weight
10′ Container1,960 Kg.
20′ Container2,250 Kg.
40′ Container4,020 Kg.
45′ Container4,820 Kg.

External Dimension

10′ Container2.99 m.2.43 m.2.59 m.
20′ Container6.05 m.2.43 m.2.59 m.
40′ Container12.19 m.2.43 m.2.89 m.
45′ Container13.71 m.2.43 m.2.89 m.

Door Opening

10′ Container2.99 m.2.44 m.
20′ Container2.34 m.2.36 m.
40′ Container2.34 m.2.60 m.
45′ Container2.34 m.2.58 m.
20' dry container
20' dry container
20' dry container
20' dry container
40' dry container
40' dry container
40' dry container
40' dry container
40' dry container