ArcticStore Container

ArcticStore A new dimension to portable cold storage

Easy to use, Extremely reliable


ArcticStore Designed and built with the user, reliability, performance and running costs in focus ArcticStore bring a new dimension to the temperature controlled, portable cold storage market.

For customers who do not need 3 or more pallet wide cold stores, ArcticStore deliver an extremely cost efficient alternative to all other products available in the market! If you require 3 or more pallet wide please ask about our SuperStore models.

Standard features
• High insulation value
• Flat anti-slip aluminium floor
• Easy, 1 hand opening door with inbuilt lock
• Sliding strip curtain
• Internal door opening
• Person trapped alarm
• Modern power efficient machinery(many with datalogger)
• Minus 40°C to plus 60° C range (subject to model)
• Maximum air temperature fluctuation 0.5°C from set point after pull down (most models)
• Hygienic stainless steel interior panels/aluminium floor
• Robust MGSS stainless steel exterior
• Internal fork truck/motorized pallet lifter use permitted
• Ramps for easy access
• 380/440V 3 phase heavy duty cable with 5 pin/32A CE plug
• Average age of our rental fleet is less than 5 years.
• Foundations or even ground is NOT required. Self bearing on the 4 corners

Optional features
• Remote monitoring
• Loading bay height
• External lighting at door end
• Shelving, meat rails and other inventory
• If you are short of space ArcticStore can be stacked on top of each other

Financial advantages
High insulation values reduce the machinery’s need to work. Low lorry mounted crane delivery and collection costs. Prompt nationwide availability.

Additional advantages on many units
• Economy mode for chill storage temperatures saving even more power
• Machinery incorporates the latest technology/software to minimize power consumption
• Flush fitting machines with no loss of internal capacity
• Self diagnostic machinery
• Full opening double doors

ArcticStore does the job – and simply put – does it better, as the ArcticStore is much less expensive than most alternative products available in the market. The power savings gives you a real economic benefit every day, almost no downtime or need for call outs, time savings on staff and finally an almost perfect environment for your products and goods are all additional advantages. Bottom line; we believe there is nothing better!

Ask about SuperStore if you want 3 or more pallet wide storage facilities. Looking for -60°C storage? Enquire about our new UltraFreezers!

Environmental issues
The containers are manufactured in accordance with the latest guidelines and legislation with regards CFC’s. All refrigeration machines are new technology with low power consumption ensuring the lowest possible operating costs. To the best of our knowledge all our containers/portable cold stores are manufactured using ethical practices and controls.

DimensionsLengthWidthHeightLengthWidthLoad HeightVolume
10 ft.3,000 mm.2,450 mm.2,620 mm.2,360 mm.2,292 mm.2,230 mm.12.5 m3
20 ft.6,058 mm.2,450 mm.2,620 mm.5,427 mm.2,292 mm.2,230 mm.28.8 m3
40 ft.12,193 mm.2,450 mm.2,620/2,900 mm.11,560 mm.2,292 mm.2,230/2,530 mm.69.0 m3

Dimensions shown are typical and variances are possible.